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Open conference on David Bowie will be held in St. Petersburg, Russia (8th of January — 11th of January).

The conference is dedicated to the 67th birthday of David Bowie and the 1-year jubilee of the returning of David Bowie. The second day of the conference will be dedicated to “The Next Day” album, including reports and seminar discussions.

The main idea of the conference is that both professionals and amateurs are allowed to make the reports. The only thing that matters is the quality of the paper.

The first day of the conference will be held in «Etagi» Loft Project at 17-30.

The programme of the conference. (First version, to be completed)

Victoria Vasina, Moscow, Russia
“David Bowie: playing with gender”

Anna Glushkevitch, St. Petersburg, Russia
“The theme of the Space in song lyrics of David Bowie: linguistic approach”

Ruslan Komadei, Ekaterinburg, Russia
“The music by David Bowie of the 2000s – 2010s: the issues of the reception”

Alexej Russkih, Ekaterinburg, Russia
“The intonation and the imagery of the musical language: «The Next Day»”

Elizabeth Stoliarova, St. Petersburg, Russia
“The games of The Next Day: video on Bowie’s songs of 2013”

Elena Ovchinnikova, Samara, Russia
“David Bowie: My trousers changed the world. Bowie as the source of inspiration for the contemporary fashion designers”

Julia Musalevskaia, St. Petersburg, Russia
“The superstar phenomenon: Bowie as an icon of Glam Rock”

Dmitry Lebedev, St. Petersburg, Russia
“The album «The Idiot» as a product of collaboration (David Bowie and Iggy Pop)”

Olga Ahremenko, Moscow, Russia
“Non verbal and paraverbal signs used by David Bowie (on stage and through the interviews)”

The texts will be published (in Russian, with annotations in English).

Ask your questions:
(we are able to answer you in english, russian, french and portuguese)

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